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TEST DE INGLES EN LINEA Conozca gratis su nivel de inglés!!

Hemos desarrollando nuestro Test de Ingles en Linea para conocer de manera previa sus conocimientos en el Idioma Ingles y poderlo asesorar de una mejor manera.

Por favor responda este Test basado en sus conocimientos reales acerca del idioma Ingles, gratis los resultados le seran enviados a su correo electronico.

Seleccione a,b, o c para completar correctamente cada oracion

1.  This place is _____________ mess.

a) a              b) an              c) the

2. The woman’s son ___________  slowly.

a) driving       b) drives         c)drive

3. The __________ are playing in the park.

a) boys            b) boies           c)boyes

4. Mary and Jack love to go dancing _____________.

a) at the night        b) at night      c)at the nights

5. I do not want ___________ to eat.

a) nothing         b) anything               c) something

6. That small child _________ very well.

a) can swims               b) can swim       c) can to swim

7. Those flowers look _________ .

a) beautiful            b) beautify          c) beauty

8. Our friends usually come to visit ____________.

a) Bill and I                b) I and Bill         c) Bill and me

9. They haven’t gone home ___________.

a) yet              b) still                   c) already

10. This house is ___________  for a family of eight.

a) too small              b) smaller          c) so small

11. _________  we go out tonight or stay at home?

a) if                b) shall                 c) might

12. There are some apples ________ the table.

a) in                  b) on                      c) onto

13. We are sorry to say that because of ___________ demands we are out of stock.

a) increasing               b) increase                     c) to increase

14. I do not know whether to __________ with this plan or not.

a) go through              b) look through              c) give through

15. My father wants ___________ by the end of the week.

a) to be sold them           b) they to be sold        c) them to be sold

16. It was __________ walk from the hotel to the beach.

a) a three minute            b) a three minutes          c) three minute

17. They ___________  a traffic light at this corner.

a) must have to put        b) ought have put         c) should have put

18. The children did not go out ___________  it was still wet.

a) so that                  b) even though                    c) because

19. The _____________ suspects are the members of Charlie’s gang.

a) likelyhood                   b) most likely                      c) more liken

20. Every morning he has a cup of __________ coffee before having breakfast.

a) heavy                  b) strong                         c) little

21. She preferred to buy ___________ pair of shoes.

a) the another                  b) the other                   c) the others

22. Mark did not want to go to Egypt on vacation

a) neither his brother did    b) his brother did either     c) neither did his brother

23. ____________ what to do when disaster struck.

a) They did hardly know                b) They knew hardly         c) Hardly did they know

24. What ___________ if it had rained on your wedding day?

a) would you have did            b) would you have done          c) would you do

25. I do not want _____________ for dinner tonight.

a) nothing                   b) something                   c) anything

Separe el sujeto y el predicado en cada oracion:

1.         Sandra loves to eat bananas.

Sujeto: Predicado:

2.         Judy and her dog run on the beach.

Sujeto: Predicado:

3.         Mary and Jane ate all the lunches

Sujeto: Predicado:

Questions  and  Answers


My name is Maria

2. ? I live in Spain
3. ?

  I am 25 years old

4. I have 13 brothers
5. ?

I like singing and dancing

Put in the correct simile

1. The bags are as light as a …………… (feather, cotton)

2. In the winter it is as cold as ………….. (ice, snow)

3. Her wedding dress was as white as …………… (lily, snow)

4. The old man is as blind as a ……………. (bat, snake)   

Write in the correct idiom

1. To live from hand to …………… (hand, mouth)

2. To get into hot …………….. (water, food)

3. To turn over a new ……………….. (book, leaf)

4. To make a clean ……………….. (slate, board) 

5. To hit below the ……………….. (belt, chest)

Past Participle

1. When the mat was ………………….there was a cloud of dust. (beat)

2. Some children arrived after the first lesson had ………………… (begin)

3. The pipe was ……………….. so we could not get any water. (break)

4. The school bell was …………….. at 9am. (ring)

Complete the following analogies.

1. Banana is to skin as orange is to ………………….

2. Food is to famine as water is to ……………………

3. Uncle is to nephew as aunt is to……………………

4. Inside is to outside as interior is to…………………

5. Water is to ice as liquid is to ……………………

Re-write the paragraph with the correct spelling.

Last weak mother wanted to go for a sale on the see. She heard that too boatmans had just maid there boats ready, so she went down to the key, where she did not have to weight long, for the tied was write inn.

Write a sentence using these words

1. Outrageous

2. Shocking

3. Emotions

4. Contaminate

5. Sentimental

Read and Answer the questions:

A Holiday visit

During the holidays, Carlos, his sister and their parents are going to a place called Disney World. Disney World is in Orlando, Florida. It is a big amusement park for both adults and children. People come from many parts of the world to visit. A lot of adults take their children there for the summer vacation. To get to Disney, Carlos and Maria will enjoy riding the monorail. The monorail is a long, big train that runs on a single rail and the scenery is beautiful from monorail is exceptional. At Disney World, the grounds are very spacious, thousands of beautiful decorations can be seen everywhere, and bands dressed in lovely costumes, parade the streets. Clowns dressed like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other funny creatures greet the children and make them laugh. Sometimes they give the children sweets and gifts. Carlos and his sister might be lucky to get something beautiful.

Everywhere hundred of people stand in line waiting to buy tickets for the various shows. Carlos and Maria would like to go to a place called the Magic Kingdom. They want to see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, the Seven Dwarf and Peter Pan. They hope to ride the merry-go-round, the Ferris wheel and drive toy cars.

Refreshments are on sale everywhere. You can buy soft-drinks, sandwiches, chicken and chips, ice-cream, sno-cane, cakes and cotton candy. There is so much to see and enjoy at Disney World, that some people say it can take several weeks, but Carlos and Maria will surely be happy with their short visit. Children who have never been to Disney World have heard about it, they have also read stories about it, they dream of going there someday. It is truly a wonderful place. Like Carlos and Maria, you learn so much from your visit there.

1. What place will Carlos and Maria visit?

2. What do you think they will enjoy about the monorail?

3. How is the place decorated?

4. What would the children see on the streets?

5. What will Maria and Carlos do at Disney World?

6. How long will the children stay at Disney World?

7. Would children like to go to Disney world? Why?

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